Thursday, June 23, 2011

Missouri welcomes us with lightning..........

      Missouri welcomes us with lightning, but the kind of lightning that doesn't affect our cyclists........Lightning Bugs.  We had so much fun last night running around a park chasing the lightning bugs.  We felt like we had walked into the Pirates of Caribbean.  Even our cook, Elizabeth couldn't resist God's beautiful handiwork!  It was a magical evening.
Her smile says it all!
Robby showing off his bottle full of
lightning bugs

      Last night was a long night for our boys and drivers.  They were TIRED!!!!  For me (Celeste) last night was the first night that my sleep cycle was actually in the evening.  That was so nice.  I awoke with a start this morning due to another team screaming and exchanging words with each other.  Things can really get intense out here when people aren't sleeping and making careless mistakes.

    We made a quick stop at the Capitol, where the boys took a dip in the fountain........the cold water felt good on their sore legs.

Crossing the Missouri 

Today was beautiful through the hills of Missouri.  We followed the Lewis and Clark Trail.  The boys were loving the scenery and the tail wind.  Scott at one point got out of the shuttle and rode along side Bob, he apparently just wanted to ride and not miss anything.

     On my Facebook today I received an encouragement from our Special Education teacher at Redlands Christian School.  She wanted to remind us of some memories and why we want to continue a special education program at ACA:

     2006 - Students from Special Education attend an all school Chapel - Christ's body was complete!
                Everyday students enjoy lunch and activities with their same age peers.
     2007 - First student from the Special Education Center attended our Middle School Retreat.
     2008 - First student from Special Education to travel to Washington D.C. with his class.  That spring, the same student was invited by his peers to attend the Magic Mountain trip.  
                 June of 2008, while Team Learning 4 Life was headed for RAAM, the first graduate received his diploma with a standing ovation, there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd.  
     2008 - Brenna Richards played on the basketball team and while her team guarded the players, she shot and she scored!!!  
     2007 - our superhero came to our school.  In 2009, when he underwent transplant surgery the entire school rallied and raised funds for our superhero and his family.  In 1 Corinthians, Paul talks about the body of Christ and how each part is indispensable, RCS is living out his word but none of this would be possible without 8 determined riders to carry out his plan.  
     I know the riders and crew are tired, so I wanted to share a few of the memories from RCS!  Thank you fo planting the seed so in the fall of 2011 new memories will be made at ACA!  

Love, Mrs. Slayman


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Linda Stier said...

Oh wow! the pictures bring back such good memories! Celeste I think you have the same schedule as I had :) So thankful for God's protection and provision! Continuing to pray for you all!