Friday, June 24, 2011

Illinois, Indiana & Ohio

     Yesterday we crossed the Mississippi River and entered the state of Illinois.  As we drove past our team on the bridge they were all smiles.  They were actually really surprised to see us.  We had spoken on the phone and the RV's were quite a bit behind them, so we didn't expect to see them.  We just "happened" to be crossing the bridge at the same time (God is good)!!!  We were all excited to watch them make the crossing together.  Go Team Learning 4 Life.....they are the endurance troopers!  You would be so proud of them!

When we arrived at our exchange, the cooks and crew began to prepare for our riders to arrive.  We noticed that our 3 sleeping riders had disappeared.........hmmmmmm where could they have gone?  Lauren and I went to investigate because dinner was almost ready.  I was not surprised to find them hiding in a gas station parking lot slamming two large pizzas down.  Bob looked very guilty.  Apparently they weren't interested in our healthy salmon burgers.  I guess that is what happens when you are riding 24-7......:-).  We would all agree that they deserved a hearty dinner.  Notice the look on Carl's face, he is quite proud of himself.  They were actually all quite proud that they were able to sneak away without detection.  Boys will be boys no matter their age.

     So, Kansas likes to use old cars as decorative adornments for the front yard and Indiana prefers saving their old tractors and displaying them with pride.  Indiana is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!  Green and lush.  

     We just had our first sprinkles.  We have been incredibly blessed with great weather.  It was obviously cold over the rockies, but it never got below freezing and we have not hit temperatures over 100.  In the 2008 RAAM, our guys experienced temperatures ranging from 20-120 degrees.  God has been merciful to us!

     We have about 700 miles to go.  Whenever anyone's (especially the riders)  sleep cycle comes up, we are always ready to fall asleep.  It doesn't matter how bumpy the motorhomes get, we hardly even notice.  
     We will enter Ohio in the next few hours. 
     Annapolis here we come! We are all anxious to experience a soft bed (that isn't moving) and a hot shower!

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