Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heading Down Sunset 4-10-11

Saturday 4-10-11
Scott, Dave, Randy and Doug had an amazing ride this morning.  Yes it was cold but there was snow at the top of Sunset and the views were amazing.  We took some photos and will post them on the website.  We thought about saying Merry Christmas; we were really training for Colorado!

There are only 69 days left until our Race Across America on June 18th.  Our training is going well, but we still have much to do in way of endurance, strength training, climbing, etc. before then.                                                                                                               
Tony rode the hills and did a 20 mile loop including both hills on Ford St at the 10 freeway all the way up to the top of Sunset.  He took some crazy video with his iPod on the way down - COMPLETELY ignoring all safety sense.  But hey, someone ALWAYS has to risk or sacrifice for the sake of entertainment value with us!